workshop management

workshop management system

workshop management is a wide range to work in, 

There are many factors we have to discuss before delving into workshop management such as:

Is it a pre-furnished workshop or not a furnishing workshop? And is it an open workshop or in-house workshop for your company?
Also, is it a workshop that handles repair products or a workshop that handles producing a product?

    In this article, we will discuss a pre-furnished workshop handling vehicle repair as an open workshop.

    This means the workshop manager already has in hands workshop logistics as area, layout, manpower, long-term equipment, short-term repairing tools, etc.

    Here workshop manager has a lot of restrictions controlling his plan to design a management system to achieve the goals of establishing such a workshop.

Managers have to start with:

  1. Studying the goals of the workshop.
  2. You should put in your mind the market density of the product the workshop will handle.
  3. Studying the financial power of the market which owns this type of product.
  4. You should know in which region this product is working, i.e., if this product is used in some production fields or used for entertainment or used in both. For instance, if we will handle repair TOYOTA vehicles, is it trucks or passenger cars.
  5. After reaching the previous study, the manager has to create a proper technician skill scale for each.
  6. Selecting various workshop sections is a good step to start with.
  7. Creating workshop teams to enhance sections is the second step with proper team composition for team members and team leaders.
  8. Your system has to handle receiving vehicles from customers, reporting customer requirements and complaints.
  9. Design a system to plan the sequence of vehicle movements between various workshop sections.
  10. make your design to ensure that required jobs are already performed and checked in each section before shifting to the next section.
  11. Design a proper quality control system to inspect vehicles and how much work done matches customer requirements.
  12. Your system design should acknowledge the vehicle owner at the finishing of the repair.
  13. Assure customer satisfaction while receiving his vehicle.
  1. confirm consistent communication channel between workshop and customer.

each point previously noted is a good aspect to work on in detail to achieve workshop targets.

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Eng. El-Said Mamdouh, AtenTEC CTO

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