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Business Management Systems are integral solutions of various building blocks technically called Business Modules.

Each business module presents a complete solution for a particular business part.

For example, Financial Operations within a firm are handled by Finance Module. Although each business module is a complete entity; it cannot work in isolation but integrates with other Business Modules to Handle the firm's business.

Such integration creates a complete Business Management System.

In the realm of Business Management Systems, a special module always exists to integrate other modules together.

This special module is called System Core Module.

The system Core Module's main function is to connect and integrate the rest of the Business Modules together and maintain data flow.

It also contains fundamental sub-modules, such as Security Module, Multi-User module, System Setup, System Maintenance, and Basic Business Logic Rules.

At a top of the Core Module; other Business Modules integrate and connect together.

Business Management Systems Common Business Modules contains:

  • Customer Relationship Module
  • Sales Module
  • Finance Module
  • Asset Management Module
  • Material Management Module
  • Inventory / Warehousing Module
  • Human Resources Module
  • Point of Sale Module
  • ...

and the list is long!

Each business module is a group of sub-modules that tightly work together to achieve the function.

For example, Human Resources Module consists of Wages and Payroll, Employee Master Data, Attendance, etc.

It is important to emphasize that not all implementations call for all sub-modules of certain Business modules.

A company may need to implement a Human Resources module to manage and track its employees, but doesn't want to track employees' attendance, hence, implementing Human Resources Module will contain only Wages / Payroll and Employee Master Data.

Business Management Systems Implementation

Implementation of BMS is the procedures and actions required to move toward using a BMS.

These procedures and actions begin with the decision of applying a BMS to handle firms’ business and end with live use of the BMS.

The implementation process is a collaborative effort between BMS Customer and BMS providers, it can be described as:

Customer Side

  1. Deciding the use of BMS to manage the business.
  2. Assigning project team members
  3. selecting BMS provider
  4. Collaborating with BMS provider consultants and analysts and provide all required information.

Business Management Systems Provider Side

  1. Assigning project team members
  2. Conducting elementary business analysis to define required business modules.
  3. Conducting deep business analysis for each Business Module on the customer Side by a team of professional business consultants and analysts to define business logic.
  4. Customizing and developing business modules as per customer business logic, workflow cycles, policies, requirements, etc.
  5. Testing BMS by selected customer team members (Pilot Test).
  6. Deploying BMS at the customer side (on-premises or cloud-based as per the agreement and business needs)
  7. Training customer key users on how to use BMS, business logic, etc.
  8. Go Live
  9. Handling project to Customer Support for following up.

To read more about the Business Process part 1& part 2.

You can also learn about DT 

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