Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a measure of how an organization uses technology to fundamentally change its business performance

What is Digital Transformation (DT)?

In the business realm, Digital Transformation is a measure of how an organization uses technology to fundamentally change its business performance. It is also a measure of how people and processes are involved in the change.

So, is using a calculator for daily calculations rank a company higher on the Digital Transformation scale? Obviously, to answer this question we must measure how using the calculator affected the company business process, culture, and customer experience.

Recalling DT definition, using a calculator does not affect the business process. Calculations are still calculations, and they must be done on-demand by an employee. Using a calculator changed only how fast an employee can get the results and the accuracy of these results. Although, accuracy is still a factor of inputs made by the employee, as he/she may mistakenly input wrong figures on the calculator keypad.

We can now say that the use of calculators in business does not fall under the Digital Transformation umbrella because:

1.      Business process does not change.

2.      Performance is changed but still suffers from human malpractices.

3.      Company culture does not change. Calculations are still waiting for someone to do it.

4.      Overall customer experience does not change.

Using a calculator is considered a type of Desktop Automation. On the other hand, Digital Transformation is all about adopting new technologies in the business in order to enhance business processes, change business culture, and reshape the customer experience.

To know also the definition in the Arabic language here

And To know the Egyptian definition here

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Eng. Hany Mamdouh, AtenTEC CEO

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