industry 4

Industry 4.0 Get ready for the future!

what exactly is Industry 4.0 & why is it gaining that increasing interest? Gaining knowledge is just the start to compete in this new era. Read More

Dr. Noha Ahmad, AtenTEC consultant

التنمية المستدامة والتحول التكنولوجي والرقمي وعلاقتهما برؤية مصر 2030

التنمية المستدامة والتحول التكنولوجي والرقمي وعلاقتهما برؤية مصر 2030

يمثل التطور السريع لتكنولوجيا المعلومات أحد الاتجاهات العالمية التي لها آثار كبيرة علي التنمية المستدامة، حيث أدي الي ابتكار تقنيات ثورية ياتري ماهي؟ Read More

Hagar Abdel Ghany, Chief Marketing Officer, AtenTEC

workshop management system

workshop management

There are many factors we have to discuss before delving into workshop management let's discuss them now! Read More

Eng. El-Said Mamdouh, AtenTEC CTO

disaster recovery planning concepts DR

Disaster Recovery and Planning concepts

Let's define what is considered a disaster! Planning Disaster Recovery is a critical task and is the foundation of a successful business :) Read More

AtenTEC team, Infrastructure Planning Team

digital marketing fundamentals for beginner marketer

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

To be effective at digital marketing, you need to leverage the technologies that fuel online media like websites, clickable ads, and social media profiles. Read More

Hagar Abdel Ghany, AtenTEC Chief Marketing Officer

Business Process and Digital Transformation (Part-2)

Business Process and Digital Transformation (Part-2)

We continue the series of “Business Process and DT”. In this article, we will dig into how DT will manipulate purchasing department issuing of RFQ. Read More

Eng. Hany Mamdouh, AtenTEC CEO

we care about your business's success and continuity.

We understand that business owners, startups, and decision-makers are interested in investing in new technologies like software programs, websites, and apps here’s the suitable way for you to do it.

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Hagar Abdel Ghany
Chief Marketing Officer, AtenTEC